Agriculture and Construction

Companies and organizations that require the day-to-day use of heavy equipment occupy a very unique place in the business world. Heavy equipment will typically require a significant investment, as it will most certainly represent not only a tool that generates revenue, but also serve as a fixed asset that will add tremendous value to a businesses for years to come.

Agricultural, earth moving, trenching, material handling and farming equipment are extremely expensive and equally valuable to a business’ bottom-line, so it is critical that any business that employs these items secure them using the most affordable financial terms available.

At Capital Leasing Corp., we poses a high-level of experience in dealing with heavy equipment for a wide range of industries and we are ready to help your business navigate the unique and often complex heavy equipment finance landscape.

Example Equipment

  • Trenching Equipment

    Ditch witches, ditch diggers, utility drilling equipment

  • Earth Movers

    Earth movers, excavators, backhoes and other heavy machines

  • Material Handling

    Warehousing equipment, forklifts, loaders and stacking equipment

  • Farming Equipment

    Farm tractors, irrigation equipment, field and harvesting equipment